Day 6 & 7: st-jean-pied-de-port to col bagargiak

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Yesterday was easy (walking-wise) but bleak. Grim. Wet. A “stay on the paths, don’t linger” kind of day. Testament to this was a very large bird of prey swooping out of the mist in an attempt to decapitate me. We could not see much more ahead than 20 to 30 metres. We pushed to midway up the next day’s first  climb at Gite Kaskoleta. Lovely host and a calorific meal shared with co walkers who were generous in their willingness to converse in English with us on broad topics such as Brexit (aghast at how bizarre the people voted) and the English football team (mercenaries!). Our sleeping sheets and travel towels got their first use (reflection – we do like hotels and look forward to our next), as did our wet weather gear. Horribly exciting stuff to read, i’m sure..there’s nothing like a good anorak to keep everyone happy.

Day 7 was, however, a treat: the antpathy of day 6. It began in the same bedraggled damp misty tramp. We climbed through towards Col d’Ithurramburu where the sun burned through the clouds and everything was well (*again). B’ gorrah! The world is beautiful. The pictures, we hope, convey somehow what a spectacular walk we are living. 

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  1. Cousin Tom

    Really jealous! Looks absolutely amazing (apart from the lost grundies and horesflies obviously). I’ve always fancied doing the GR10 since walking near Vignamale / Cauterets ten years ago and the photos look great. Let us know if you’re anywhere near London on your return – but meanwhile enjoy the randonee-ing!

    • Will Hann

      Thanks Tom, surely is epic thus far. We won’t be in London this summer, but woukd love to catch up next time we fly through… will email you soon Cousin.

  2. Geraldine Hamill

    Love the pics totally amazing. Fairplay you guys are fantastic. I did 6 km today and feel on top of the world however treated myself to a load of rum and fresh coconut water. Keep going really enjoy following your journey.

    • Will Hann

      Good job on the 6km! Don’t worry, plenty of treats here. Creme brulee, wine, cheese of 18 types;) x

  3. Sophie

    Loving this blog Renee and Will – just read it all at once. What a team you are!

  4. Bex

    Those pics of the clouds are stunning. I heard 18 different kinds of cheese and am now planning to stalk you ☺ xxxx