Day 11 Arette-la Pierre-st-martin to Lescun

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Height gain: 340m

Height Loss: 1090m

Special challenge: Icy wind up the Khyber Pass at Pas de l’Osque.

A day of contrasts. We set out from the Refuge early enough to see, albeit briefly, the range we had climbed yesterday. 4 pigs peed in parallel to salute our departure. Soon enough the mist and rain returned with aplomb. Climbing through the empty ski resort was quite odd, and finally we were back on the natural mountain, although the only beauty we could see was close up in the incredible array of mountain flora that somehow clings to life here. The wind chill and temperature drop as we climbed to our highest spot today made our hands burn on the rocks. Baltic. The pass over the Pas was quite the thrill as it buffeted us up a narrow ridge with a cable screwed into the rock face to guide us. Over the top and on the other side and after a quick traverse of a ridge+, we descended into Vallee d’Ossau where finally the sun gave us enough hope to get the wet socks out of the rucsacs to dry. That of course was a sign for more rain. Ho hum. Nevermind: another spellbinding forest awaited us. We got to Lescun and once more were just knocked over by the beauty of this place. We did our ‘laundry’ and took a quick look at the 15th Century church. A very quiet and reflective sanctuary far from the rain outside. It was incredible walking once again. The contrasts are intense. 

7 Responses

  1. Bex

    Brilliant. Your writing is wonderful. My hat is doffed to the pair of you brave, mad peeps xxx

  2. Ellie

    Love your pics and the stories you tell. As Bex says, brilliant writing. I’m sitting at home enjoying a good read of your adventures. Love it bro xxx

  3. Chris Hann

    Hi lovelies, what stunning pics and an unforgettable experience. You must write a book. Stay safe. It’s 30C here. Scorchio. Big retrospective show opens on Thursday. Huge love to you both. Socks arrived and will wash. Pa.xxxxxxx

    • Will Hann

      Thanks Pa. Must be the longest distance service wash ever. Good luck with the show! Love to you all from us both. Xxx

  4. Lucy Hann

    Loving the shorts/sock combo Will, quite the hiker you are ?
    Love your ramblings about your ramblings xxx