Cauterets to Luz-St-Sauveur

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Up: 1248m

Down: 1441m

Temperature 35°C average

Yesterday’s rest day made today a little tricky. Too many libations made for a day of sweat and thunder. The climb zigzagged which helped a little but overall it was too hot to enjoy with the usual fervour. Still, we did get to be geek hikers today as we used for the first time HIKING POLES. They are like super cool zimmer frames for hikers. Two elaborate carbon fibre poles; telescopic and everything. As we embarked this morning we probably looked the part, but there was a halting rhythm in our stride as we now had 4 points to negotiate with the ground beneath our feet. Arse over t*t score stands at me 1, Renee 3. Oh we scrumped some cherries from a tree. They were lush.

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  1. HelenB

    What an amazing adventure you are having. Loving your photos and stories, a brilliant record of your trip. We eagerly await each new post. Take care, stay safe. xx