Day 3 ainhoa-bidarray

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The greatest thing we’ve packed? Tiger balm. Our calves and knees are screaming at the change in levels of activity and the introduction of altitude.

Distance: 20.3km

Height gain: 766m

Height loss: 736m

Most exciting bit? Descent into a RAVINE!
Today started with a misty uphill climb past multiple white crosses. As we climbed higher it got eerier, with horses barring the way and the clouds enclosing us along with three fairly grotestque depictions of Jesus’ first finale. The feet in particular seemed poignant..

Fortunately the tales of religious suffering tailed off beyond that: ascent through a beautiful wood (with an AWESOME running trail) was followed by a gentle traverse across the edge of a valley. The next climb took us to a flat, grassy expanse.. edged by a ravine which – of course – we climbed down. Proper rock scrambling: it was not for the feint hearted. When we weren’t clinging to a metal cable while finding footing above a sheer drop we were mostly scuttering, crab like, to avoid potential fall! A brilliant challenge.

Best graffiti of the day..

Feet still looking better than these.

Punk sheep

Not bad for 3 days’ walking..

All in: another fantastic day. Tomorrow is supposedly ‘the first really hard day’ – looking forward to it, albeit somewhat trepidatiously;)

8 Responses

  1. Chris Hann

    Love the Baden Powell shirt Will. Am even more envious having looked at your images. Huge love and hugs and Happy Birthday again Will. Stay safe.xxxxxxx

  2. HelenB

    Great photos, hope the knees and calves adjust soon.
    I’m sure you will be up to the day 4 challenges.
    Happy birthday for the 6th, Will. Have a fantastic day. xx

  3. Lucy Hann

    Wow, beautiful (and strange!) pics Will and I love your writing, you’re a brilliant story teller… always were.

    • Will Hann

      We are using an app in my phone so even though the posts look mine, they may in fact be written by Ren. You’ll have to guess which days are written by whom xx

  4. Ellie

    Happy Birthday my lovely bro! I’m enjoying yours and Ren’s pics and updates. Looks fantastic!! Thank god for tiger balm..that stuff is amazing! Take care on those sheer drops!! I like the uncle Moike beige coloured shirt you’re wearing. I hope you’re getting farmer tan lines like him ?
    Are you doing the walk with other people or alone? Take care m’lovelies, love you xxx

    • Will Hann

      Thanks Els…the shirt is a homage to Mike? we are taking care and being wise and sensible as the route is fraught with danger! Xx

  5. KC

    Epic photos and stories. Seems timing was perfect – with fog – for the Christ encounter.