Day 1 Hendaye to Olhette

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Kms: 21

Actual: 28

Elevation  gain: 1004m

Elevation loss: 924m

Feels like: infinitely more.

Walking style: brisk at first, then drunken old person footfalls from km 18 on.

Weather: Lovely. Though i have sunburnt elbows.

Blister count? Me 1 Renee 0

Pictures? The bandwidth here prevents me from uploading many pics…tonight I’ll try to add more x

Atlantic coast farewell 

A quite stunning lizard. 2 spotted today.

Ancient oak forest on descent 

Highest point today

Near day’s end and the compass reassures us that we are heading towards the hotel and beer.

And there it is. Sleep was interrupted by the 30 cockerels next door, in violation of the 7 limit. What’s the difference at 5am? 

3 Responses

  1. Steve and Julie

    Looks great guys. We look forward to seeing your updates.
    Lots of love
    Steve and Julie

  2. Chris Hann

    Dearest both, I am so envious. So glad you are having such a great adventure. Happy Birthday Will, have a great day. I will raise a glass to you tomorrow. Huge love and hugs, Pa.xxxxxxx. and Hannah of course.xxxxxxx

  3. KC

    Incredible vistas, and I love the beer-goals. Measurement is everything.