Vielle-aure to Germ

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Distance 13 km

Up 1165m

Down 626m.

Due to our extra half rest day where we managed 2 four course meals we were feeling pretty strong, though more in smell for me, as that brandy digestif worked some rather bad magic with the sweat pores on the climb up and through some lovely villages, through which the Tour de France passes.

The biggest thrill today was watching paragliders drift past us. Renee counted 17 at one point. The landing spot was Loudenvielle where we stalled for an hour and marvelled at the flowers. Apparently this place is a winner in the best kept flower displays of the region. Very colourful place. After smelling the roses we walked the hour up to Germ. The best part of the day was the brilliant Gite, with pool, quirky art, a lovely bar and just great vibe. Very unexpected. The grub was good and we even snuck into the bar after dinner where a performance artist was in flow. The linguistic element went way over our heads, but it was fabulous to see some theatre in the middle of a village in the middle of a mountain range. By far our best Gite.