This is possibly an example of how one shouldn’t run a WordPress (or any other) site.. It started out as a blog in which we (Will and I) could share the details of a hiking adventure across the Pyrénées, but I’ve subsequently realised I ramble more often than our trips to the mountains allow. Mostly, it’s with words.. the space is being co-opted to house thinking about and research for my dissertation for the MSc Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh*, and, in the future, you might even find Will rambling about our desert garden here too.

It’s perhaps too much that’s too different for one site; but therein is the nature of rambling: at times confusing, often cathartic yet frustrating, and (for me) most probably reaching more moments of actual realisation and delight in the mountains than on the page. So.. if you’re here (I suspect the audience will be limited, which is perfectly fine), and the words get too much, do look at some pictures of lovely mountains to make your visit worthwhile 😉



*In semester 2 of 2016-17 (January to April) I did Education and Digital Cultures (#mscedc). My ‘lifestream‘ blog from the course and my final assignment are both online, as is (for now) my earlier work on Vulnerability and Socially Networked Learning from Digital Education in Global Context (Semester 1 2016-17).